Gaming for Energy Transition of Rural Areas



The coordinator, STIFTELSEN LIFE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR ECOLOGY (LIFE), works to contribute to an improved life station in developing countries through the dissemination of knowledge and education. The target group is mainly young people. The foundation collaborates with LIFE Academy, which for a period of 25 years has been developing and implementing training programs for participants in developing countries around the world with the goal of contributing to sustainable development by disseminating knowledge and skills in the areas of environment, energy, ICT and through capacity building in project management and change processes. LIFE is well-experienced in ensuring planning, organizing and managing resources to drive the successful completion of project goals and objectives. Moreover, it provides professional guidance to support innovations for improving the management level and education practices, to monitor and evaluate the performance of the project and suggest measures as required, and to mentor the project towards quality improvement in achieving the main goals.


ETMI stands for sustainable development, environmental justice, territorial management, transparency and participatory democracy. Since 2014 promotes activities in Albania and abroad aimed especially at mass recognition and acquisition of international norms and standards in the field of environmental protection and sustainable territorial development. The organization conduct studies and research aimed at promoting and developing the initiative in the field of transfer of new technologies in all areas of environmental, territorial development, water, treatment, waste management, renewable energy, conservation and preservation of biodiversity and land use planning etc., with focus on the involvement of youth through various national and international programs. ETMI aims to enhance the skills and competencies for youth to acquire digital skills and intends to ensure ways to incentivize a broader set of youth target groups to access a higher quality non-formal education. In this way, ETMI works towards supporting and creating an online learning opportunity through the design of new digital education platforms, with more relevant and quality digital content, and incentives to promote innovations and contribute to shaping the next generation of youth.


REIC is a focal point for capacity building processes for environmental education and sustainable development in South-East Europe since 2005. Main objective is to identify environmental problems and needs, along with enhancement of educational initiatives. REIC is situated in Sarajevo but its operational span covers the region of South-East Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia) in cooperation with international networks. REIC aims to improve the research and innovation capacities and to stimulate knowledge transfer by creating favorable conditions to urge transnational recognition, cooperation and development, and create a sustainable framework of research capacity building and international networking to enhance the sustainability of the project. REIC is recognizable in all communities where it operates and has been actively engaged in informing and providing credible information to young people. REIC will provide information and contribute to managing and planning of educational projects for the benefit of sustainability policy.


UNIVPM from Italy represents a high education and research institution with relevant experiences in training focused on renewable energies and integration technologies for smart energy grid. UNIVPM aims to motivate and empower youth, and provide with tools to work towards energy transition in their communities. UNIVPM is oriented on educating and giving youth practical experience and knowledge together with theoretical ones, to facilitate in turning those young people from all different backgrounds into active and successful members of society, through non-formal education methods while improving their attitudes and enhancing their skills. Several Training for trainers and summer school in the Balkans regions was carried out in close collaboration with REIC, during Ener supply Project (SEE funding programme), and with UNESCO and GIZ. The focus was to train young engineers as expert for supporting the public sector and national decision-makers in the Renewable Energy field.


Law no. 124/2015 “ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY” in Albania, clearly states the drafting rules for the promotion and improvement of efficient use of energy, with the aim of saving energy and increasing the security of supply. Therefore, the Vision of the Municipality for a period of 10 years aims at improved Municipal services, increasing energy efficiency in city street lighting and municipal buildings by providing a better economy, comfort in the interiors of buildings, more consumption low energy and few environmental consequences. The Municipality has been working with youth, in their Education, Self-employment and Social Development Sectors with focus in providing youth professional skill, development and learning opportunity in order to strengthen their role and to push them to participate and get engaged in the EU-policy making process. The Municipality of Kavaje in its strategy in environmental protection promotes through policies, plans, projects improving urban infrastructure, use of technologies environmentally friendly, the development of green economy in all its sectors. The Municipality of Kavaje has participated in several national projects which are related to climate change, protection of the environment and air, use of solar energy and elimination of polluting gases.

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